Bear Sighting

Last night we saw a black bear and her cub in our back yard on Eagle Place.   They walked over to the neighbours’ house and from there into the woods.

Hillary Cargill

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3 Responses to Bear Sighting

  1. anarchistmcs says:

    About a week ago we had a black bear below our place( Caribou Cres.} with 3 cubs. Mama was carefully watching her family to make sure they wouldn’t cross the fence into the U.S.A
    .( hah…)….. Dirk Zinner

  2. Jackie and Ajai Sehgal says:

    We had a herd of 8 young Big horn sheep grazing outside our window last evening off Deerfoot Road. They are so cute with their earnest faces and tiny horns… 😉

  3. Silvia Albrecht says:

    We have bears crossing our property all the time. It is pretty neat to see mama’s with the babies.

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