Stanley the cat is missing!!

Hope that he has just gone a ‘walk about’ – but it is not like him to be gone overnight (loves people & creature comforts tooooo much) he was let out as usual on the morning of May 1st… but has not reported back home.  Please keep your eyes & ears open (he might be up a tree).  If you see him, please call us at 250.495.6465.

Hilda & Rudy, Raven Hill

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4 Responses to Stanley the cat is missing!!

  1. Hilda Reimer says:

    It has now been confirmed that the ‘tuxedo’ cat hanging around Maguire is NOT Stanley. I have sent the web mistress a message with photos of the other cat on the off chance that someone else is missing a cat that looks alot like Stanley. I have photos.

    THANK YOU to all of you who have assisted with your time in helping us to try to locate Stanley.

  2. Hilda Reimer says:

    So, we received word tonight that Stanley might have been seen at a property on Grizzly Rd – they tried to coax him to the house, but he continued on back down towards Maguire – we went to call him but it was dark too soon, so no luck yet

  3. Donna Ferguson says:

    I was awakened this morning at 2 AM to the sound of 2 angry cats wanting to fight…I turned the outside light on and your well groomed black cat was mad at a larger scruffy orange tom cat who took off as soon as they saw me. They never came back. We live on Maguire Road but tree cutters were here this morning and the sound of their machine surely chased them far away.

    • Hilda Reimer says:

      Donna, I think that this would have been too far for him to travel… Stanley does respond to his own name if called… Thanks for letting us know – will drive through your area tomorrow.

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