Confusion around the new Telus Cell Tower

A couple of weeks ago I heard that the folks living on Raven were “Raving” about they’re new cell service and it was assumed that, as the Crow (or Raven) flies, it was due to the new, mammoth, Telus tower on Sasquatch.

It seems not.  Apparently, the tower was not active when the Raven residents began getting cell coverage but another hwy 3 tower to the east, recently activated, may be giving them some signals.  Again, this is just speculation because we can’t seem to get any official information from Telus.

Telus has kept the info around the status of the Anarchist Tower close to it’s chest.  Calling Telus or visiting the Telus Store in Oliver will give you no information on the status or planned activation of this tower.

Brian and Jean Ross, on BullMoose, have a “contact” with Telus and did some research and were told that the tower was just activated on Friday (2 days ago).  This is great news, but I need to “hear it” before I believe it, since we’ve been strung along for some time.

Many of us are poised and ready to change our cell plans but need confirmation of the Telus tower being active.  If you have any information around new or better signals, please leave a comment (at the bottom of this post).  FYI, I know for sure that Bell and K00do use the Telus towers, so we would like to hear anyone using Telus, Bell or Koodo.

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14 Responses to Confusion around the new Telus Cell Tower

  1. Sheila Kerfoot says:

    Well I’m happy to report I had full network access on my Rogers-EXT at Caribou Crescent this past weekend thanks to the new Telus tower. Funny I wasn’t able to get a signal on Sasquatch Trail though…

  2. Don says:

    My wife and I are moving from Ecuador to Falcon Place in June. Looking for a mobility carrier. Any recommendations given the new Telus tower?

    • anarchistmcs says:

      Hi Don,

      Based on my experience (I live on Peregrine Dr.), I would go with Telus. I recently got a Telus phone and have an excellent signal. Bell shares the same towers but when I search for signals, I get a 4G Telus and a 3G Bell. Not sure why. A couple on Bullmoose was going to get a Telus hub for highspeed. I will follow up to see if they like it.


  3. Patti says:

    Thanks for the info, Sheila! That explains a lot. We have Rogers and are on Peregrine Dr. and face Oroville and are always roaming to the US. We can’t get a Rogers signal here. I recently received a Rogers text message telling me that if we saw Rogers – EXT on my phone it meant that I had free extended coverage. Presto, a couple of days ago I saw it but it only lasted a couple of seconds and then went SOS (no coverage) and then switched back to AT&T. So, it doesn’t do me any good where I live. There are lots of people on Anarchist who have Rogers and have good signals. It all depends on where you live. Do you own up here? If so, where? Perhaps a neighbour will comment.


    • Sheila Kerfoot says:

      Yes we own lot 9 in Cariboo Crescent. I have Rogers and have never received a signal up there – not even AT&T.

    • Sheila Kerfoot says:

      Patti – try turning off your data roaming while you are at your property to see if it stays on the Rogers-EXT network.

      • anarchistmcs says:

        Hi Sheila!

        I did that and still couldn’t get a signal, so now I have switched to Telus and all is well. Congrats on your signal! It’s great to be “connected”!


  4. Sheila Kerfoot says:

    Here is a link to the domestic roaming agreement between Rogers and Telus:
    It would be interesting to know if anyone on Anarchrist Mountain is a Rogers customer and gets network access now with the Telus tower. I am a Rogers customer and plan to be up in Anarchrist sometime in April. I will let you know if I have coverage.

  5. Patti says:

    Thanks to all for the updates! Joanne specifically mentioned that her service improved on Friday, so I suspect that Jean & Brian’s source was correct!

    Congrats to Doreen, who has lived without any contact with the outside world for so long! ..and you, too, Jill!

    Gary & Brenda, you are just down the road from us, so if it works for you, it should work for us…fingers crossed!

    Sheila…that’s an interesting thought and wouldn’t it be great if it happened! Please, please continue to investigate and keep us posted!!

  6. Jill says:

    I am a Virgin/Bell customer and am now receiving excellent cell service (and 3G most times) Where once I had from 1 to 3 bars (and sometimes No Service) I now have 4 – 5 consistently. I agree Doreen, WooHoo!

  7. Sheila Kerfoot says:

    It is my understanding that the big 3 (Telus, Bell and Rogers) will all now be sharing their networks and will happen seamlessly without anyone needing to change their carrier. I’m trying to get more information on this and will pass it on when I get it.

  8. Joanne Bensted says:

    I have also had very good cell reception…3 bars or more since Friday! Prior to that it had been a little random, 2 – 3 bars for the last few weeks…better than than the occasional one bar that I had been living with! My network carrier is Telus. Joanne on Sasquatch.

  9. Gary & Brenda Neidert says:

    Hi Patti, Brenda & I are Telus customers. Until recently we were always on AT&T up here however just recently we have had a constant Telus signal, 4 – 5 bars. Something has definitely happened here!
    Gary & Brenda

  10. Doreen Gibbs says:

    Good day everyone….and yes it is a good day because my cell phone is working. I have a strong signal that does not fade anywhere on my property. Whoohoo! Doreen on Sasquatch Trail.

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